Internet of Things lead us beyond manufacture, acting also as a provider of complete solutions in semiconductors. In Unitec, IoT is present smart cities, ID & security and industrial applications services. ​

​​​Smart Cities​​

IoT modules for connectivity and urban mobility solutions;
LED drivers;
Wireless street light telemonitoring (Smart Lighting);
Vehicles connectivity platform.

Volumetric Sensor US1-V02G-4000R.

Other products:
IoT devices;
LPWAN RF module;
Street light telemonitoring systems;
Smart parking systems;
Vehicles IoT modules;
Bike sharing / Tracking systems;
Smart systems for waste collection;
Smart systems for flood monitoring;
Traffic control and automation systems;
Smart sensors.

RFID and tracking system projects for pharmaceutical and intralogistics (RFID and RTLS).

ID & Security

Chips and RFID Tags for:
Online and real-time inventory and assets control;
Vehicles, baggage, cargo and documents tracking;
Identification and tracking for pharmaceutical / diagnostics industry.
Smart cards chips developed to:
Cellphone with and without NFC;
Payment methods;
ID applications: passports and IDs;
Contactless applications;
Dual interface applications.

Industrial Applications

Integrated circuits for the rational usage of energy and IoT connectivity networking.

​Life Sciences

Technological solutions for healthcare wellness, agriculture, veterinary medicine, food quality and safety and environment;
Lab-on-Chip for point-of-care diagnostics;
Advanced biosensor technology;
Wearable electronics.​​​​​